More Frivolous Cake

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

cubic capacity

all done in, I am... Friday and Saturday at Cub Camp preceded by a night under canvas... all in the best possible taste though, as an official leader on Camp this year, I had responsibility (in loco parenthesis) for six small boys in the Goldfinger team, as it was a James Bond themed camp. Some camp milestones, 48 cakes had to be consumed between 18:00 on Friday and 16:00 on Sunday - tick, done. 48 boys had to negotiate 8 x 45 minute activities on Saturday; canoeing, slippery slope, caving, a-frame over water, quadro, archery, air-rifle shooting and an obstacle course - tick, done. A further 8 x 20 minutes on Sunday...-tick, done. 48 boys packed off to bed and slept all night - work in progress. What they forget to tell you is that you too will get soaked, tired, injured and worn out by the whole experience, so much so, that you will be volunteering to do it again next year before you leave site...! Must get a longer tent next time...