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Monday, 25 May 2009

My Best Mate Harry and his wife

needs to be said that in times of trouble you know who your mates are and Harry has proved himself to be the most fraternal of friends and his wife, Jackie, likewise, as I made three trips to Edinburgh in two weeks to visit Dad.

Visit Harry at

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Tech Support - The Internet

musn't grumble if one is an early adopter of new technology and things don't quite work how you want them to. Paul at BT, after nearly four weeks of calling to and fro, finally cracked the code for setting up my Samsung C6625 Windows Mobile to access the internet. I wanted internet access on my phone so that I did not need to carry my little white laptop everywhere overseas, could access webmail, etc. It transpires that instead of entering IP addresses and port numbers, specifying WAP or GPRS, all I needed to write in the access the internet settings field was 'The Internet'...I kid you not...


Spring Watch

where's Kate Humble when you need her? No, don't answer that, she's off in Norwich with some new presenter when she should be over here preventing badgers from destroying the back garden.
Mind you, I only realised something was amiss when I started to cut the grass and fell into the long grass, tripped by a pothole made by badgers foraging for roots and other edibles.
The raised beds have so far resisted the badger parade.
Out front, and mostly due to my prolonged absences on business and family business, Paul and his brother and a mate have prepped and reseeded the front garden, into a flat-ish, lawny area. In the week between me noticing that the wilderness had been tamed and me actually being home to enjoy the spectacle, two neighbouring pigeons have got very fat on grass seed...!
Just the every other day chore of watering the little green fuzzy seedlings to do now, oh and another quarter acre of grass cutting to fit into the weekends...


Cricket - first blood

well, it wasn't to be first time out, as Rowledge U9's fell to a very well-organised Yately CC; 264 for 5 vs 307 for 6 in 16 overs apiece. Our boy managed a wicket first ball off his bowling and was very economical for his remaining two overs. He also clunked a 4 off his first over at the bat, but was run out by a poorly timed call for an extra run in his second over. As Uncle Harry says, when your batting partner calls a run consider that the opening of negotiations...!


Rev Iain MacDonald Forbes

my dear Dad is very ill in hospital following a stroke on 11 May. We hope and pray that he will pull through this and recover enough to continue to inspire those whom he meets and knows to fulfill their potential.


more sports news

your correspondent has been somewhat busier than expected with his travels of late but there is still plenty to report on the sports front.
No1 Son and his team of Lions made it through the group stages to the final of the Farnham United Tournament. In a tightly fought contest the score remained 0:0 at full time and some great defensive work kept it nil:nil at the end of extra time.
On rotation in goal, our young hero had to face penalties and saved two of the statutory five, winning the match for Farnham United Lions...! Jubilation.
In more sedate but nonethless exciting circumstances, our girl's Netball team became Surrey County Champions after a long run of being undefeated in the league and winning the deciding tournament in grand style.
Junior has also been busy at his tennis, leading the Brightwell's U9 triumvirate to three successive qualifying tournament wins and a place in the Surrey County finals in June.

Hip, Hip, Hooray...!