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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Cricket Season begins

Hurrah for Rowledge CC! First match is on 10th May and our young hero has been working on his bowling action (to increase hand speed) and his batting technique. At the last of the winter nets, he scored runs off every ball bowled to him and got a wicket with a truly fast ball on his first over.

Lions Season Ends

The U9 Lions finished a creditable fifth in the Premier League, pipped to fourth by the cheats at Woking whose ref blew up for a 2:2 draw when the ball was on it's way into the net for our 2:3 winner. Morally, fourth and then a huge gap to the top three.
Just the club tournament to go in May.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

back to the future (1)

I spent the day giving hope to an unsupported victim of enforced and poorly thought through change who has been manfully coping with the consequences but without the tools to do a good job.
What do you think of the decision to go live concurrently with a major re-organisation in three countries, in November, with year end in December and just at the point when the Project Leader goes off on Mat leave? It was so bad that he only has Management Reports up to October before the change and a black hole since...
I blame poor advertising by Harvard Business School. There must be a thousand cases of large corporations biting off too much change at once and forgetting about the back office and yet HBR is not getting the message across enough.
Still, on the bright side, I did get a completely rubbish five year old laptop with no battery life, a 1.4MHz processor and half a gig of RAM today. Takes about ten minutes to start up and load Outlook 2003...


Monday, 20 April 2009

back to work (1)

it's like I was never away...
what a day, hour upon hour of verbal information to ingest and process,
conference calls with 'allo 'allo French types, bolshy irish men and aggressive american sales people, sound familiar?
all too...
tomorrow off to the south coast near Fareham, to meet UK team,
Thursday and Friday off to Milan, (or maybe it was Madrid?), so far my calendar is free on Wednesday but only because my interim boss (who leaves the company next Thursday) has been asked to go to Prague for the day and he has nothing planned for me (yet).

Should be great, there is such a shambles to sort out...

Friday, 3 April 2009

more coffee

popped into Retro cafe at lunchtime to see how things are going. Not a good time to have a conversation with the owner but useful to observe the place in action. Passed a long queue out onto the street at nearby Elevenses. mmm. Retro half full. But, work experience lad, Ryan has improved in a week, Estelle has implemented a loyalty card; buy a drink, get a card that gets you a half price drink when you come back with a friend and buy a drink for them.
Also, delighted to see Estelle chatting up a couple of soldiers (one boy, one girl) who came in together. She was encouraging them to bring their friends back next time and Squaddie 1 says, "like building your network?", 'exactly..!'
Bodes well.
Estelle complimentary about my 'inspiring' intervention...which is nice...!


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ha! Ha! Ha! April Fool!

Imagine how I laughed when my alarm went off an hour early this morning!
I quaked with mirth in my pyjamas as the doorbell goes at 07:00 but there is nobody there!
Titter ye not but it was really funny when the junior prankster locked himself out after the doorbell gag...
By the way, check out the as they always have a great idea on All Fool's Day.